PU2CLR BK108X Arduino Library  1.0.1
This is an Arduino Library to control the BK108X device
BK108X Arduino Library implementation

BK108X Arduino Library implementation. This is an Arduino library for the BK108X, BROADCAST RECEIVER.

This is an Arduino library for the BK1086 and BK1088 DSP BROADCAST RECEIVER.

It works with I2C protocol and can provide an easier interface for controlling the BK1086/88 devices.

This library is based on the Document: BEKEN - BK1086/88 - BROADCAST AM/FM/SW/LW RADIO RECEIVER Rev 1.3.


This library can be freely distributed using the MIT Free Software model. Copyright (c) 2020 Ricardo Lima Caratti.
Contact: pu2cl.nosp@m.r@gm.nosp@m.ail.c.nosp@m.om