PU2CLR KT0915 Arduino Library  1.0.1
This is an Arduino Library to control the KT0915 device
PU2CLR KT0915 Arduino Library

PU2CLR KT0915 Arduino Library implementation.
This is an Arduino library for the KT0915, BROADCAST RECEIVER.

It works with I2C protocol and can provide an easier interface for controlling the KT0915 device.

This library was built based on KT0915 Datasheet from KTMicro (Monolithic Digital FM/MW/SW/LW Receiver Radio-on-a-Chip TM).

Others sources help the author to build this library. They are referenced in the documentation for this library on: https://github.com/pu2clr/KT0915

This library uses the I2C protocols to read and write KT0915 registers. In this context, registers are memory position into the device.

The KT0915 is a full band AM (LW, MW and SW) and FM DSP receiver that can provide you a easy way to build a high quality radio with low cost.

This device, will surprise hobbyists and experimenters with its simplicity.

This library can be freely distributed using the MIT Free Software model.

Copyright (c) 2020 Ricardo Lima Caratti.
Contact: pu2cl.nosp@m.r@gm.nosp@m.ail.c.nosp@m.om