PU2CLR PCF8574 Arduino Library  1.0.3
Arduino Library for PCF8574 Device - By Ricardo Lima Caratti
PCF8574 Arduino Library implementation

It is a Library to control the PCF8574 device. This library was built based on the Datasheet "PCF8574 8-Bit I/O Expander with Serial Interface" from Microchip

The PCF8574 device provides 8-bit, general purpose, parallel I/O expansion. It can be controlled via I²C bus applications. It is a great and inexpensive device that allow you to add more peripherals to be controlled by your Arduino board via I²C protocol.

Some Arduino projects may require more pins than the Arduino actually has. In these cases, you can use up to 8 PCF8574 devices using only the I²C bus (two Arduino pins) and add up to 64 input / output ports to your project.

This library can be freely distributed using the MIT Free Software model.

This library uses the I²C communication protocol and implements most important functions offered by PCF8574 device from MicroChip. It also has primitive functions that make it easier to implement commands that may not have been implemented yet. The main features implemented can be seen below:

1) GPIO individual control (8 I/O pins)

2) I²C address customization

Ricardo LIma Caratti (pu2cl.nosp@m.r@gm.nosp@m.ail.c.nosp@m.om)