SI473X Library for Arduino

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ESP8266 (ESP-12F) and Si473X Arduino Library

The ESP8266 is based on a 32-bit RISC processor, low power consumption, up to 160 MHz clock speed, Wi-Fi integrated, 64K RAM, 512KB to 4MB flash memory, and 16 GPIO pins.

This folder show some examples with Si473X Arduino Library and ESP8266 platform.

Before starting compiling ESP8266 based sketches, you must configure your Arduino IDE. Follow the steps below:

if you use the arduino-cli, you can follow the steps below:

$ arduino-cli config set board_manager.additional_urls
$ arduino-cli core update-index
$ arduino-cli core install esp8266:esp8266


This sketch uses just the Serial Monitor as the human interface to test and validation of the Si473X Arduino Library on ESP platform. It can be very useful to test your circuit.

The main advantages of using this sketch are:

ESP8266 / ESP12F wire up

SI4732-A10 and SI4735-G60 wire up

Si4735 SI4732 DESC. ESP8266 (GPIO)
pin 15 pin 9 RESET (GPIO2)
pin 18 pin 12 SDIO (SDA / GPIO4)
pin 17 pin 11 SCLK (SCL / GPIO5)

ESP8266/ESP12F, OLED and encoder wire up.

Device name Device Pin / Description ESP8266
  A GPIO13
  B GPIO14
  PUSH BUTTON (encoder) GPIO12

SI4732-A10 and ESP8266 prototype

ESP8266 Module

ESP8266 prototype

ESP8266 standalone ESP12F

ESP8266 prototype


Standalone ESP12F

ESP8266_12_F Basic schematic

ESP8266 Generic Module

ESP8266 Basic schematic

ESP32 Basic schematic