SI473X Library for Arduino

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About the board based on Si4730 labeled “NE928-10A V:01”

This board is an AM (MW) and FM receiver. It is based on SI4730-B20. The PU2CLR SI4735 Arduino Library is compatible with it.

Unlike the PL102B board based on SI4730-D60, a very similar board and also supported by the Si4735 Arduino Library, the NE928-10A DOES NOT SUPPORT LW, SW and FM/RDS. Actually, judging by the Silicon Labs, the NE928-10A, PL102B or any board based on SI4730 device should not support LW, SW and FM/RDS. However, some tests with the PL102B breakout and IC SI4730-D60 have been received SW stations with success. The author of this document cannot guarantee that his experiments with boards based on the SI4730-D60 will work for you. See more about the breakout board based on SI4730-D60 labeled “PL102BA-S V:2.1 10628”

The photos bellow show the “NE928-10A V:01” based on SI4730-B20

NE928-10A V:01 pinout

NE928-10A V:01 pinout

NE928-10A V:01 label

NE928-10A V:01 label

IC label “3020 BHFI 913” (Si4730)

Si4730 label

Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V (8MHz) connection

board NE928-10A V:01 Arduino Pro Mini

The Si473X I2C address

This board comes with the SEN pin connected to +V. So the I2C bus address is 0x63

Firmware information

The table below shows the query result of Firmware Information command.

Firmware Information Value
Part Number (HEX) 1E
Firmware Major Revision 50
Firmware Minor Revision 48
Patch ID 00
Component Major Revision 50
Component Minor Revision 48
Chip Revision 66


The video below shows the “NE928-10A V:01” device working with the sketch SI47XX_02_ALL_IN_ONE_OLED. That sketch was built to work on SI4735-D60 and SI4735-A10. So, some functions will not work. To add the encoder and push buttons, follow the schematic below.

schematic to guide you to add buttons and encoder

NE928-10A V:01 board working with "Si4735 Arduino Library"

NE928-10A V:01 board working with “Si4735 Arduino Library