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Third Party Projects

This folder is dedicated to project and contributions made by other authors.

David’s project “SI4735 radio KIT (AM FM LW SW SSB”

Compact EVB designed for the SILABS radio IC – SI4735. The project aims to serve as a platform through which several developers can continue to improve the unofficial SSB patch. That is why the arduino nano was chosen to be part of this KIT.

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David’s videos

Jim Reagan


Jim Schematic



Gert Baak / PE0MGB

Article written by Gert: Arduino All band radio with SI4735

Gert’s Repository - SI4735-Radio-ESP32-2.8 inch TFT Touchscreen-Arduino

Gert’s interface Gert’s interface
photo 1 photo 2
photo 3 photo 4

Great interface by Gert Baak

Interface design


Gert’s Github Repository - SI4735-Radio-ESP32-2.8 inch TFT Touchscreen-Arduino

Nancy Gail

Nancy is a member of the Facebook group “SI47XX for Radio Experimenters”. She has shared with us excelent projects and ideas based on SI47XX devices. Click here to visit her Github projects.

Nancy's Board

Nancy's Prototype


Felix Angga

Source code on Github repository


This Project was made by Rolf. It was based on Jim Reagan’s project. Rolf added to Jim’s project the external mute control feature. This feature is supported by PU2CLR Si4735 Arduino Library and can minimize the loud clicking and popping in the speaker.

Photo 01

Photo Project 01

Photo Project 02

The See Rolf’s Geber files.

See Rolf’s Github reposotory.